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        24 Hour Refractory Installation Service



        Since 1946, Industrial Firebrick Corporation has a proud history of being in
        business for over 50 years serving the refractory industry. We have support on
        the engineering and design of all your refractory installations and/or sales.

        Our warehouse stocks a full line of insulating bricks, hard bricks, castables,
        plastics, patching mixes, and mortars. We are a Unifrax distributor stocking
        many of their products. We also have the capability to custom make fiber
        modules in different thicknesses up to 32" wide by 48" long with our custom
        built module machine.

        Our Detroit facility has the capabilities to custom sew high temperature textiles.
        Our construction company has a list of contacts for new refractory linings and
        repairs to boilers, incinerators, kilns and co-gen plants as well as all ferrous and
        non-ferrous melting furnaces.

        We would like to be added to your bidder's list. If you would like a list of

        References for your particular industry, please feel free to contact us.



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